1- Design AR-GE Phase:

If the investment plans of our customers are clarified, we create the sharp lines of the investment by designing projects with the help of our equipped engineers and turning the dreams into concrete images.

At this stage, we make our presentation by creating a complete investment of our customers’ dreams with all the technical details, through mutual exchange of ideas, and complete the main project that will enable our entire team to start physically.

2- Manufacturing Phase

We start manufacturing by dividing the work we have designed according to our production management into units in our high-tech production lines. From the moment the raw material enters our factory to the final stage of production, our quality control units take active part.


3- Quality Control Phase

The perfection of the product is taken care of until it reaches the place of the machines. . Therefore; The machines produced are tested many times by quality control engineers and mechanical parts, paint etc. It is shipped to the loading point with 100% approval at the end of the controls.


4- Transport Stage

We make our ready-to-ship products ready for shipment in packages with special materials that are water, moisture and dust proof, and wooden crates suitable for sea, land and air transportation. We follow the correct, undamaged and complete arrival of the manufactured products until they arrive at the installation site and inform our customers until the establishment of the facility.
The MOST SUITABLE way of transportation is determined according to the destination and the properties of the product. The most appropriate work is done for this, according to the request of our customers, 3rd party inspection and inspection companies are checked before loading.


5- Installation Stage

In accordance with the agreement made, the committed capacity and quality tests are made on site and the facility is delivered to the customer with the data obtained.
During the installation, a detailed training is given to our customers’ local technical team.
Thanks to this training, operators can operate the facility in a healthy way even after our team leaves. Our multi-language machine user manuals are left to the technical team at the delivery of the facilities.