The facility has modern technological infrastructure and has manufacturing capability in Turkey FIRST BOUTIQUE MACHINE.

Manufacturing of “Boutique Machinery” establishes facilities for many local and international companies operating in the food industry based on grain and pulses. Our company is the only company designed and manufactured by its own experts in the technology development zone. “Quality product comes from quality machine.” INOVAMER, which set out with its slogan, has adopted the principle of producing the best for its customers.

Our Carob Processing and Gum Production Facilities

Goat Horn: It has especially wound, sigil, kidney pain, strengthening the body, cough, bronchitis, hernia, blood cutter, blood-forming, diarrhea, weight-gaining and urinary-increasing properties. It is very useful for children. It especially contributes to the bone development of children. In addition to Carob molasses, there is also a powder form, which can be mixed into milk in powder form.

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Our Paddy and Rice Processing Production Facilities

Approximately 41-42 million tons of rice production in the world is subject to international trade. In parallel with the production, the biggest share in the world rice export belongs to Asian countries. Asian countries are followed by the USA and South American countries. According to the data of USDA, India has the highest share in world rice export in 2014/15 season with 11 million tons. India exported 10,2 million tons of rice in 2011/12 season and this amount increased to 10,4 million tons in 2012/13 season and 11,5 million tons in 2013/14 season. India is expected to export around 9 million tons of rice in 2015/16 season.

Pulses Processing Facilities

Approximately 84 percent of the pulses produced worldwide are aimed at meeting the domestic demand of the countries. The remaining 16 percent is included in world trade. According to the 2013 data of FAO for world pulses trade, Canada ranks first in the world pulses export with an export of approximately 5 million tons.

Our Grain Processing Facilities

It is used in the production of very important basic foodstuffs in human nutrition such as grains, bread and flour, which are widely consumed all over the world. The cereal group, which consists of products such as wheat, corn, rice, barley, oats, rye, and sorghum, is also one of the most consumed food products. The International Grain Council (IGC) published its latest report on the world grain market on April 27th.

Spice Processing Facilities

The most important feature that foreign markets look for in spice plants, whose origin is wild nature, is the production made within a certain quality and standard. Considering the thyme that we export the most among the spice plants in value, it is seen that 20% of the production is still obtained by collecting from nature, despite the efforts to improve the quality of it for years.

Our Oil Seed Processing Plants

If the existing potential in the world in terms of the production of oilseed plants is evaluated, the oil need of the world will be met and billions of dollars paid for oil seeds and derivatives will be saved every year.