Young engineers from Mersin built olive color sorting machine.

An entrepreneur operating in Mersin Technopark made an invention that will relieve the olive producer. produced and marketed in Mersin olive color separation machine, peers 10 times cheaper and due to be useful in the world and Turkey also carries the distinction of being the first.

One of the biggest problems of olive producers, the high cost of the machine park was solved with the Mersin entrepreneur. A company that manufactures olive processing machines in Mersin has developed an “olive color sorting machine”, which is used in the world, but cannot be imported because it is expensive, with a 3-year work, upon the request of the Turkish olive.

produced and marketed in Mersin olive color sorting machines, peers 10 times cheaper and due to be useful in the world and Turkey also carries the distinction of being the first.

In terms of tonnage in the world and produces a first optical color separation system for the production of Mersin firm Inovasi of Information Technology in Turkey, by blowing air olives The machine consists of mechanisms that lead to separate channels, one day 40 people handed his work equivalent capable of discriminating capacity. The machine also has the opportunity of easy management with its Turkish control panel.

The first and only in the world

Nowadays functioning olives in Turkey large firms number of not passing the number of fingers of our hands, olive-functioning medium-sized companies the number of pointed out that over a thousand Inovasi the Information Technology Authority vital Armstrong “producing olive color sorting machines in the world, the prices of the sector dominated by firms products with 50 thousand Euros 90 thousand Due to the fact that it is around Euro, the financial structure of the medium-sized companies in the sector cannot afford to pay this price.

Hayati Arslan pointed out that in the R&D study that the smallest tonnage olive color sorting machine in the world is 10 tons and this finding shows that the medium-sized companies in the sector are not taken into consideration by the companies that make olive color selection machines, Hayati Arslan said, With each passing day, the gap between companies with high financial structure and olive color sorting machines and medium-sized companies grows. Our company started out with the idea to make a machine with a small tonnage of 500 kg / h & 1000 kg / h per hour and which is 1 in 3 cheaper than its peers in order to close the gap between medium-sized companies and companies with high financial structure, and with the support of the Ministry of Industry “TeknoGirişim” It started its R&D studies in Mersin University Technopark center, and reached its target in a short time with computer and electrical engineers, software experts and other expert teams. On the other hand, the olive color sorting machine produced by Inovamer Information Technologies is 1 in 3 cheaper than its peers ”.

It became the center of attention during the production phase

Stating that the machine is still in the production phase, Hayati Arslan has received a large and interesting response as follows: “Taci Bey, who is the operator of Gedikoğlu Zeytin, which operates in the Akhisar district of İzmir, will take his company to the next level in 2014 and It knocked on our door to produce quality products. Mr. Taci, who brought the 500 kg / h olive color selection machine to his company, said that he was proud that the Turks made such a high quality and cheap machine using such a technology, and that medium-sized companies would notice this machine in a short time and buy this product to their companies.

Arslan Inovasi are vital in front of us that 5 years of Information Technologies, which operates in Turkey in 1000, 40% of medium-sized firms olive ‘s also underlined that aims to add to this machine.