Farmer and agricultural worker exempt from curfew

Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli said that farmers, producers and those working in the food industry will be exempted from the curfew in order to avoid any disruption in production.

Pakdemirli briefly explained the groups covered by the exemption as follows:

– Those who work in the units of groups that have a short shelf life and deteriorate rapidly (meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, milk and dairy products) and those working in the flour and pasta sector will be able to continue their weekend production.

– After 18:00 on Sunday evening, markets and warehouses of markets and goods receiving units will be open. Employees will not have any problems in transportation.

– Like last week, our veterinarians are out of the scope of the ban.

– Another group is our farmers in agriculture and livestock production. These citizens will also be able to continue their production without interrupting.

– The coordination of our seasonal workers is given to our provincial governors. Health importance is monitored by provincial and district pandemic committees. We continue to take measures regarding shelter and other needs.