Assurance from TMO to producer and consumer

Turkish Grain Board General Manager Ahmet Güldal said that they will offer the producers the value they deserve for the products they plant.

Turkish Grain Board (TMO) General Manager Ahmet Güldal stated that they will announce the purchase intervention prices expected by the farmers in May before the harvest to be carried out in June, and said, “We will offer the producers the value they deserve for the products they planted. Do not have any doubts about it.” said.

Güldal, AA correspondent, a new type of koronavirüsl (Kovid-19) struggles continued, as agricultural production season in Turkey that start, and then said that the harvest of winter sowing works will be performed.

Manufacturer of Güldal striking continue to sacrifice and diligently works during this period, “food safety in Turkey today and a problem in the food supply point does not have this, agricultural production in the country is a manifestation of the well being of healthy functioning and infrastructure. It is obvious that there is no problem in Turkey’s agricultural production point.” he spoke.

Pointing out that there is no interruption in the operation of the field, Güldal stated that Turkish farmers will realize the production at the highest rate.

Emphasizing that there are no problems in the field and in the field, Güldal said, “Agricultural supports and intervention purchases are still expected. Preparations are also being made, they will be implemented one by one when the time comes. We, as TMO, carefully follow the demands of our farmers in this direction. And when there is a need, we answer them. ” used the expressions.


Pointing out that the flour, pulses and pasta sector should be thanked in the Kovid-19 process, Güldal said:

“Since the days of the pandemic, people have rushed to markets and shopping places. This was normal, people made their food supplies because they would prefer to stay at home for a certain period of time. Nowhere in the world there is no other country whose market shelves fill so quickly, nothing has been lacking. All our consumers, It can easily reach every need. this is revealed in the food supply security in Turkey. Industrialists and did not cause supply disruptions in the market as well as any product, especially dry food at the slightest price increase said happened. ”

Reminding that the industrialists have declared that they will continue to supply flour, pasta, bulgur and similar cereals and legumes to the market without making any price changes until June, which is the new blending period, “We, as TMO, have closely followed the product supply to the industrialists this month. We increased the allocation amounts. 660 thousand tons of bread wheat, we have allocated wheat in an amount up to the 110 thousand tonnes of durum wheat to the market. What cereals on what raw material wheat procurement what pasta bread, pulses and supply-side problems of Turkey in rice. ” found the assessment.


Will start the new harvest season in June reminiscent Güldal, “Unless Meteorological problem in June Turkey of 20 million tons of wheat harvest that is waiting for a serious production. There is no obstacle to production. Farmers have to work in the fields, factories will operate and stores will still be packed. Therefore the product hike there is no reason to come and the price to change. ” said.

Noting that the preparations for the harvest period are also continuing, Güldal used the following statements:

“The harvest will begin very soon, and we are trying to announce the purchase intervention prices that our farmers expect in May. We will present the prices to the public and to the information of our farmers with the appropriate opinions of our President and the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry. As the state, we will not leave our producers free of charge. we will provide the value they deserve about. you have doubts that in any way. absolute costs, inflation accounts, making sure to domestic and foreign markets compared to. Turkey’s strategic product, we have a road map for achieving the highest yields in wheat. followed precisely the map this way we do.”


Stating that they carried out their studies by thinking about the nutrition of the people during the epidemic process and that they took all kinds of measures at this point, Güldal said:
“Everybody, especially our producers, be sure, as TMO, we announce the base price for the products in our area of ​​duty and we make purchases at all of these prices. We have done all kinds of work, financial, warehouse, personnel and pricing preparations. There is no need to worry and hesitate. As the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and TMO, we strive to do our part in the best way possible. I wish our producers an abundant, beneficial and lucrative new season. “